Below is a brief comparison of the features and coverage of the most popular networks.

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Global Coverage
Pole To Pole Coverage
Voice Handsets
Plain Text Email
2.4 Kbps Handheld

Great for Emergency Use

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Fastest Data and Near Global Coverage
Coverage Excludes Polar Regions
Voice Handsets
492 Kbps + Portable Terminals

Cost Effective Global Solution

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Cost Effective and Easy Tethering
Regional Coverage - Europe (excluding northern fringe), Africa (excluding Southern Africa), Middle East, Indian Sub Continent, South East Asia and Australia
Range of Voice Handsets
60 Kbps Handheld
444Kbps Terminals

Most Cost Effective Handsets

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Popular Products

Regular Price: HK$409.38
Website Price:
HK$3,636.15 ex VAT

HK$4,363.38 inc VAT

Regular Price: HK$618.41
Website Price:
HK$5,492.84 ex VAT

HK$6,591.41 inc VAT

9555 Handset Offers

Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone

Regular Price: HK$958.11
Website Price:
From: HK$9,778.34 ex VAT

HK$11,734.01 inc VAT

Personnel Tracking

Thuraya SatSleeve +

Regular Price: HK$432.02
Website Price:
HK$3,837.28 ex VAT

HK$4,604.74 inc VAT

Personnel Tracking

Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot

Regular Price: HK$473.83
Website Price:
HK$4,208.68 ex VAT

HK$5,050.42 inc VAT

IsatHub iSavi

iSavi Inmarsat IsatHub

Regular Price: HK$996.65
Website Price:
HK$8,852.39 ex VAT

HK$10,622.87 inc VAT

Regular Price: HK$618.41
Website Price:
HK$6,316.74 ex VAT

HK$7,580.09 inc VAT

Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya X5-Touch

Regular Price: HK$1,138.50
Website Price:
HK$10,112.35 ex VAT

HK$12,134.82 inc VAT

Regular Price: HK$1,106.19
Website Price:
From: HK$19,650.65 ex VAT

HK$23,580.78 inc VAT